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Engagement is a word that’s thrown around a lot in digital marketing circles. I guess it’s little wonder because having consumers who are engaged with your online content, regardless of the touchpoint, means a rapport and familiarity is being nurtured with your brand. Engagement operates at an almost subconscious level and that’s what makes it so powerful – and email marketing has proven time and again to be one of the most engaging forms of digital marketing.

That’s why I recommend email marketing to ALL of my clients to the point where I think they’re sick of hearing me say it!


email campaigns offer a direct line to prospective clients


Whether it’s purchasing an email marketing list or harvesting leads from your website and social media contacts, emails are fantastic way to keep your business at the forefront of consumer minds. Xflow can help you purchase the right list to target or show you how to harvest, upload and maintain your own list.


they generate leads


Xflow can also show you how to use email marketing to generate leads for sales staff, keep leads “hot” and even a recommend a content strategy best suited for where they are located along their buying journey.


and they keep your existing clients informed


And for existing clients (particularly in a B2B environment) I believe there is simply no better and more economical way of keeping your clients informed than with a regular e-newsletter. Xflow can show you how to construct an e-newsletter both with written and visual content and how to upload and maintain a client database. If you need a branded template then we can also help you there too.


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