e-Brochures to
help INFORM clients
and prospects

An e-brochure can say a lot about your business…


That’s because an e-brochure can quickly and effectively convey a message about your business. Almost like a mini (and portable) website. An e-brochure is the perfect attachment when introducing your business to new prospects.

Brochures communicate your brand, your product and your service instantly.


..and be an effective marketing tool


The old adage that a picture paints a thousand words is true but adding persuasive copy to quality pictures can be just the thing your business needs to gain and retain attention. Xflow takes the time to get the mix right, being careful to minimise text where possible.


…both online and offline


Xflow brochures can be designed for posting on social media, for e-newsletters, for use as a pdf attachment or even printed. Regardless of the format, a Xflow e-brochure will ensure you get maximum impact at minimal cost.

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