Marketing & Consulting

When your marketing flows, your business grows

Most Xflow clients are small to medium business owners who’ve been running their own business for years, perhaps even decades. Their business was running fine when times were booming, but now as the economy has cooled, they’ve found a need to actively go out and find new customers, new markets or even new products and services.

Almost as common are the more inexperienced owners who are looking to start something new and perhaps need a website, some business advice or just a few pointers to help them on their way.

Regardless of what stage they find themselves at, I will always take a whole-of-business approach to their marketing.

I simply refuse to take the one-dimensional approach of driving traffic to a website and hoping for the best.

My aim is to get a thorough understanding of the business, make recommendations on how to improve it and then go about growing it in a sustainable way.

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