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I first started my own office furniture business in 1996 at the age of 26. At the time, I had a little more than $700 to my name and no formal business training. But somehow I managed to grow that little business from nothing into a profitable enterprise and then within a few short years sold it for a six figure sum.

From that early start I created other small businesses including one of Australia’s largest retailers of commercial ergonomic equipment and the largest in Western Australia. At it’s peak the business was turning over just under $3,000,000 and netting me nearly $700,000 per annum.


I have successfully grown businesses where others have failed…


At the very same time I was turning over $3,000,000, another competitor told me he had gotten out of the industry because there was no money in it! Clearly there was a huge difference in the way both of us were thinking and acting in exactly the same business arena.

How was it possible that I was making money while my competitor was getting out? We were both in the same industry after all. So what gives?


and I understand what it takes to succeed in business…


I think the main difference between my competitor and I was that I understood how and where to find new clients and how to target quality accounts. However, I also leveraged digital marketing, email marketing and relationship building extensively.  I therefore believe my experience in creating and growing small businesses using integrated marketing methodology makes me a valuable asset to you as a small to medium business owner. I’ll help you master what it takes to succeed in business without all the “entrepreneurial” bullsh*t we hear these days!

Don’t make the mistake of talking to one of the many internet charlatans out there who claim to be entrepreneurs! I work closely with my clients,  I value their custom and I genuinely want to see them to succeed. If it’s real business coaching or consulting you’re after then you should only speak with someone who has walked that path and knows just how hard but ultimately rewarding small business can be.


Like to get started on growing your business?


If you need assistance in growing or even starting your business then talk to someone who’s been there & done that and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities all small business owners face.

My consulting service is available in any form you like:

  1. as a one-off meeting to discuss ideas
  2. as an ongoing business coach
  3. as a marketing strategist
  4. as an ad hoc coach (ie: call or meet when you need me)

To find out more simply call or email me today.


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“Lee is easily the best business consultant I’ve dealt with. He really knows his stuff and has a wealth of experience. In our case he has the perfect mix of real world experience and a deep knowledge of how the digital economy works too”

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