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Getting your online content right is a balancing act. You need to get your message across without serving up a mountain of text. That’s because website visitors have a habit of scanning their eyes down a page before reading it and then almost instantaneously deciding whether or not to proceed. If they see a large chunk of text ahead of them then there’s a good chance they won’t be reading it.

Hint: Whatever you do with your content and whoever you decide should write it – make sure it’s the bare bones version.


…it holds the key to SEO


So where does that leave us with search engines? I mean, should we write for people or should we write for search engines?

The answer is both.

Xflow writes content that’s easy for us mere mortals to read and is written in a way that draws the attention of search engines. Forget about keywords – think about quality, relevancy and structure.


…and consumer engagement


Xflow ensures your content leads the reader down the page or to a point where you need them to be. Our content provides readers with relevant information in a concise way so they’re instantly informed about what you do.

We also write content that matches the arena you’re targeting. For example, product content is laid out for better comprehension and easier decision making while social media content might be written in a more informal and friendly way.

Whatever your content needs, Xflow can help.


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