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Xflow can custom build landing pages specific to your business needs


Landing pages are a great tool if you have a site where the entry page and navigation is disordered, confusing or has a clunky user experience. If you analyse your visitor data and find you’re grabbing their attention with your Adwords ad, but when they arrive on your site they seem to aimlessly flit from page to page – or there seems to be no pattern as to how they exit your site – it could be they are confused about what you do – or what they should do next. A landing page could be the answer.

A landing page usually limits the amount of choice available to a visitor and either quickly converts them to a lead or customer or has them leaving the page immediately. As you can see from the sample at the bottom of this page the main navigational aspect of the landing page is limited to internal links which reduces distraction and focuses attention. The banner on the page describes exactly what the current promotion is about, and that brings me to my next point.


One of the major benefits of a landing page?


A landing page is one of the best ways to REDUCE your spending on PPC advertising. The reason is simple – they are usually highly relevant to what consumers are searching for and that relevancy increases your Adwords quality score.

So what does that do I hear you ask?

A high quality score actually reduces the amount you pay for clicks. That’s right! Pay less for your clicks by increasing your relevancy and your quality score.


So how many landing pages does your business need?


It must be said that landing pages are a little misunderstood at times.

Some businesses will definitely need one and others might find that having a potential client land directly on their site is enough. The format and number of landing pages can vary depending on the model or even the scale of your business. For example a product based business may like to have landing pages specific to each product group and drive traffic to them accordingly which means they could have dozens of landing pages. Others, such as a service business, may simply want to gain readership for their newsletter or have a new client sign up to a service. In that case, the need for multiple landing pages is reduced.


A/B testing for your landing pages


One advantage of the landing page is to garner information about what your visitors are looking for.

Xflow can provide you with multiple versions of landing pages and test which ones get the best results. Each page is built based on your perceived customer needs and then adjusted in various ways, such as changing the text, images, prices, products and even the steps taken to conversion. The end result is a more thorough understanding about your visitor’s buying behaviour and therefore more efficient and focused marketing.


Want landing pages for your site or your next promotion?


Xflow can build you a landing page like the one below. To enquire or to find out more call or email Lee today.

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