Understanding website conversions


Measuring the success of your Google advertising campaign is more complex than simply counting the amount of clicks you’ve received on your site. Traffic in itself is quite meaningless. It’s where the traffic is coming from, how it’s engaging with your site, and of course, how much revenue that traffic is generating for your business.

Enter the term “Conversions”


So what is a CONVERSION?


Conversions are one of the best ways to understand if your new customers are actually arriving as a direct result of your Adwords campaigns.

This is important because the last thing you want to do as a business owner is pay for advertising that you don’t need.


Sales, leads and other actions


I believe the best way to describe conversions is to think of them as either a lead, a sale or a desired action on your site. Conversions for each and every business are not the same because every business has various desired outcomes with various sales values and so on. Some businesses operate as online retailers, some are wholesalers, others are service providers and all of them operate in unique market segments.

It’s up to you as the key stakeholder to identify what value you’ll place on a conversion.


How do conversions work?


A conversion (a sale, lead or other desirable action) is only registered in your Adwords account if a visitor to your website has passed through one of your paid ads.

Your SEO professional will place hidden code on either a page on your site or within a specific event such as a quote button or a link. That hidden piece of code fires off to your Google account when it’s triggered and gets counted as a conversion.

In the instance below, I’ve placed some code in the “Click to Call” button on my previous site, Tenacity.


click to call conversions

How many types of conversions are there?


There are an almost infinite number of conversions available but the most common are:

  • Visits to a key page
  • Events such as submitting a quote or joining your newsletter
  • Purchasing online
  • Clicking on a phone number on your mobile site
  • Calling a phone number on your site
  • Getting directions to your business
  • Visiting your business (Yes, it’s possible to measure this!

Valuing your conversions


Your SEO professional should ask you to place a dollar value on any desired action taken on your site.

In the example below, a client of mine has received 66 conversions (leads in this case) for the month of March.

Each lead has an agreed value of $1,000.00 which means we can estimate with some accuracy that their Google Ads have generated $66,000.00 in leads for the month.


Would you like to measure your leads or sales?


Not all clients will receive $66,000.00 in leads every month, however it’s fairly plain to see that this client would be more than happy with the $1000.00 they spent on Adwords for the month and from those leads they could potentially land $30,000.00 in sales.

Not a bad return on investment in anyone’s language!


Like to know more or get started?


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Thanks for reading

Lee McCarthy

Xflow Marketing & Consulting – Perth