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Promotional campaigns need to start somewhere


Getting started on a promotional campaign for your business can sometimes feel like you have a severe case of writer’s block. You know you need to promote your business but you just don’t know how to start and even if you could you don’t know what to promote and to who!

When it comes to starting a campaign, it’s not unusual for a client to tell me they don’t really have a product or service they can promote. However in my experience, every single business can promote itself in one way or another. All it takes is a fresh pair of eyes and some insight to get the ball rolling.


They need to be more than just “fishing expeditions”


A successful promotion needs to be built around a framework where all business stakeholders are on board – including staff and suppliers. It’s not just about promoting yourself on Adwords with the cheapest price. It’s about sitting down and working through a strategy that encompasses online and offline issues. We can talk about product margins, stock levels, available resources, competitor intel, market trends, transport, logistics, returns policies, service guarantees, payment methods, calls to action  – you name it.


and they need to be pulled together in a cohesive way


When I sit down with my clients I discuss building a promotion from start to finish. I do this by drawing on over two decades of successful small business ownership in Western Australia where I’ve dealt with all kinds of consumers from the public, to the government to some of the world’s largest organisations.

My approach is consultative and in-depth and it’s designed to uncover all those things you don’t understand about your business and the consumers out there who are waiting to buy from you. It’s only when we fully understand all these things do we pull the trigger.

So to get started on a promotional campaign for your business  simply call call or email Lee.


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