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Social media is powerful


Yes, social media is powerful. You only need to look at how Twitter and Facebook have shaped our political landscape in recent times to understand exactly how effective it can be in persuading public opinion. Now think about that emotive social media power and apply it your business. The potential is mind blowing if it works in your favour and just plain frightening if it’s working against you!


but is it right for your business?


So we need to be aware that social media works wonderfully well for many business types but at the same time can instantly make or break them (think hospitality industry). That’s why you need to take your exploration of social media very carefully. My advice to some clients is that if you don’t need to be there then stay out! Save your time and your money!

For the rest of us – and I mean the majority of us – our businesses need social media and we need it managed in a way that highlights our brand, our service, our products and our people. We need it to show consumers we’re ready to serve, ready to assist and at the forefront of what we do. And we need to do that while minimising the negative aspects of social media.


and how do you measure its success?


So if you’re thinking about taking the punt and put your business out there on social media – great. But how will you measure its success? How will you even know that social media is working for your brand and more importantly, your bottom line?

The answer is to speak to Xflow. Xflow can get you started with a social media campaign, schedule posts for you, create content for you and measure it’s success. Getting started with a social media strategy is easy – just call or email Lee to find out more.

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