Adwords Packages


How much businesses should spend with Google varies greatly because there are many factors that affect the success of any campaign.

Some examples include the size of your marketplace, the amount of competition, the spending habits of your target demographic, the cost of each click, the value of your product or service, the cost of your product or service and so on.

As a rough starting guide, I generally recommend most Perth SME’s invest around $20.00 to $30.00 per day on Google Ads but this is certainly not a hard and fast rule.

It’s impossible to guarantee success but I can guarantee a professional approach to all of my campaigns, regardless of size. Some Xflow clients have had remarkable success and it’s not uncommon for them to ask for their ads to be paused because they can’t keep up with the level of enquiries. Others can have a more modest increase in sales and leads because that’s simply the nature of their marketplace or how their business functions.

Put it this way, I’ve never had a client who didn’t improve the amount of sales or leads coming into their business.

Yes, in fact for many retailers I recommend they split their budget evenly between Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Google Shopping can be complicated as it involves several platforms that need to “talk nicely” to each other. I don’t recommend doing it yourself unless you have a lot of time and patience!

Provided you have supplied all the information I need regarding your business and marketplace then most Adwords campaigns are up and running within 48 hours. It’s important to plan any ad campaign carefully and that’s why I always recommend¬† having your website and your business prepared before sending new clients your way.

Digital marketing is full of agencies that simply take your money, ship the work offshore and then automate your ads. I’m often horrified by seeing what some new clients have been receiving versus what they’ve been paying. I provide weekly reports*, not only because you know I’m working diligently on your account, but because it provides you with a better level of guidance for decision making.

*Weekly reports available on Adwords Pro, Adwords Enterprise and Virtual Online Marketer packages.

Yes, you certainly can.

My service is billed one month in advance and is not refundable so I only ask that you cancel before the start of any new month. Simple.

Absolutely. Some clients can start with 5 or so ads and then end up with 50 or more! With my service you are free to pick and choose how you would like to use me. Some months may require some website work, others may require display ads and some just general advice. In any case I will advise the cost before proceeding.

Please note that with the Adwords Pro, Adwords Enterprise and Virtual Online Marketer package you have perpetual* search ad creation . This means  your ads are updated at no charge to match any current promotions your business might be running or any changes to products, services and prices.

*Within reasonable use limits

Yes, in fact I recommend it because the most successful campaigns are those where the ads match the landing page. I have extensive experience in website design and development and can provide advice on User Experience (UX), design, brand messaging, layout and shopping carts and so on.

Note: All ad hoc work is quoted before commencement.

Even my most basic package includes attending to Adwords notifications and deciding on the right way to action them (some are often nonsense and should be ignored – others are vitally important). However I also include recommendations, advice and strategy with my Pro, Enterprise and Virtual packages. The Enterprise package obviously takes things a little more in depth whereby I provide insights into competitors, SEO, backlinking and even general advice on setting up promotions for your business.


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